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Discover exclusive short-term rentals in the culturally-rich and exquisite city of Miami. With breath-taking views, numerous luxury amenities and trendy style, these properties are the perfect getaway for any traveller.

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We take our responsibility as property listing providers’ very seriously and aim to ensure that customer experience is of the highest calibre. It is our job to provide quality listings that you can trust, screen for potential problems and investigate any issues discovered about the properties listed. Our goal is to provide the best customer-experience possible.

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Our listings are chosen specifically for their incredible quality and with our customers in mind. We want you to experience the best Miami has to offer and one of the ways to do this, is by ensuring that your hand-picked accommodations deliver your every want and need.

Best Miami Guide

We provide up-to-date, relevant and interesting information about the city of Miami and its environs, so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. Whether it is finding the best restaurants, shops, night-life, museums and art galleries, or discovering the business district or the multiple modes of transportation, we are here to help.